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Why Every Personal Trainer Should Create Fitness

Why Every Personal Trainer Should Create Fitness App

As fitness apps starts pushing and helping people to get in shape, some apps are even trying to replace the personal trainer and the gym entirely.

People these days have more motivation to play a video game than go to the gym, and certainly every personal trainer has heard this popular excuse for not working out: “I’d love to, but I don’t have to go to the gym.” In this sense, the emergence of mobile applications and specifically, the fitness apps have permanently changed the way people look at the fitness industry and the way that these personal trainer app will help people get in shape without a major investment of time.

While fitness instructors can create a better workout by motivate clients to work hard and to achieve significant results, they are simply out of reach for many people, either because of the cost or the rigid scheduling – the average personal training session ranges from about $160 to $200 per session – A personal training app, though, are relatively inexpensive and travel where people are and also suited for people who are pressed for time.

Fitness apps help personal trainer be more productive, and to stay on top of his clients’ progress and also allow fitness instructor manage clients more simply and efficiently.

There’s a plethora of fitness apps on the market, which support different devices, launched by companies interested in helping people get fitter and healthier. These fitness applications vary dramatically in options and prices from simple 7 minutes workouts for people who don’t want something too intense, to free personal trainer app FitStar, where users can build customized workouts, and Runtastic Results which offers 12-week, customized training plan and health & Nutrition Guide to look and feel better than ever.

The wide range of fitness applications developed and launched on the market reflects the enormous need for more and various personal trainer applications that best suited for clients’ lifestyle.

Personal trainer apps don’t require weights or other equipment, which makes them easy to use anywhere. They usually integrate features for tracking calorie, getting notifications and progress of the workout. They also allow clients to change their fitness level to make the workouts significantly harder or easier.

Working with a trainer took people well out of their comfort zone to try more difficult workouts and probably produced faster results to felt a real sense of accomplishment. However, convenience and price count for a lot, and in the long run, personal trainer apps seem more feasible than a $160-an-hour for real personal trainer, and also avoid the hard task to find a good personal trainer based on his certifications and qualifications.

In a fitness app industry, there are some fitness app templates that allow personal trainers, create their own fitness app in few minutes and without writing a single line of code. These personal trainer app templates save fitness instructor’s time and thousands of dollars and help them build a customized fitness app.

So my advice to personal trainer is, instead of worrying about how this new competition might hurt your business, get ahead of the curve by creating your own fitness app. In fact, rather than only waiting for the money to come from your daily job, personal trainer app can work as revenue stream for you, and allows you to bring extra money on the side.

Ayoub Tamim
SEO and Online Marketer

Received his PhD in Computer Science from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science (INRIA).

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