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Google is the Dominant Search Engine on the Web

Google is the Dominant Search Engine on the Web

Search has become integrated into the fabric of our society. With more than 7,500 searches performed worldwide every single second of every day, users can now obtain in mere seconds a response to their search queries.

Users are free to use any of the many available search engines to find what they are seeking. In this sense, search engines should develop a relevant, fast, and fresh search experience. For the most part, search engines accomplish this by investing a tremendous amount of time, energy, and capital in improving their relevance, which includes: extensive studies of user responses to their search results, comparing their results against those of other search engines, conducting eye-tracking and click-through rate studies and constructing PR and marketing campaigns.

According to comScore, Google is the dominant search engine on the web in the United States, and also in many other countries, but not all of them.

Google is the Dominant Search Engine on the Web

In many European countries, the disparity is even greater. Here is some data on countries where other search engines are major players:


China Internet Watch reported in September 2014 that Baidu had about 70% market share. This is significant because China has the largest Internet usage in the world, with 618 million users in 2010 according to China Internet Network Information Center.


According to figures reported by Yandex, the company’s market share in Russia comprised about 62% of all searches in April 2014.

South Korea

Naver was estimated to have about 70% market share in South Korea in March 2014.

Czech Republic

In January 2014, Seznam had more than 60% market share in the Czech Republic.

In July 2013, a study conducted for the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), found that 77% of Google users were satisfied with their experiences.

Search is undoubtedly still one of the best and most important ways to reach consumers and build a business, regardless of that business’s size, reach, or focus, and Google is the dominant search player in most world markets.

In our company, which is focused on building iOS applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, we are totally focused on Google search engine for smart SEO strategy.

If anyone disagree, happy to hear about them in the comments!

Ayoub Tamim
SEO and Online Marketer

Received his PhD in Computer Science from the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science (INRIA).

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